Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Mile High Club

Don't worry its not really as exciting as it sounds, in fact to the majority of sane beings out there it would be positively boring, but to me it sounds like a Godsend. Tomorrow I leave on a weekend working trip to Memphis, which in itself is fab but the most productive part of the whole weekend I hope will be the journey.
Memphis is a good Nine hours away including a short Stop at Newark so for the first time in a long time I shall have time to write . Horah ! Sitting on a plane for Nine hours being waited on and possibly at last finishing the opening chapters of the Gethin Book. Awesome.
Of course whilst I am over there in Tennessee I hope to do all the tourist stuff like visiting Graceland and Beale street as well as getting some Sun away from our awful British weather. Should be fab?.
If the hotel has Wi Fi I even hope to update this blog whist there so look out for some updates.
Anyway the most important plan is to finish the opening chapter and get it up on this website for you to read before the end of the month.
Should be simple....................................