Sunday, 18 January 2009

Turning of the seasons

Hello and happy new Year to you all. Sorry for the lack of updates lately but things have as usual been crazy busy. A big thanks to all of you who came to see Macbeth I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved being in it, it was a blast.
Anyway on to the new. I am in the middle of sorting out a series of four shows entitled "Tawe Tales"  that I am going to perform in the old theatre in Abercraf over the next year. Each show will be themed on a different part of the year and will feature stories from all over Wales. I am really looking forward to this as the Theatre there is awesome and it has not been used as a performance space for years so it should be great.
Menter Brecheiniog have also comissioned me to produce a short film about the Lady of Llyn Y Fan Fach. Those who saw Vortigerns kingdom will remember the tale and it is very dear to my heart so I am looking forward to this one. For those who are still waiting for the novel of Gethin, Fear not, it has now morphed into a series of short Stories called "Tales from the New Inn " and extracts will be posted here very shortly. 
I also continue running the Swansea Valley storytelling Circle and will shortly also be working on the storydays project which  also looks to be exciting.  ll in all things are very very busy, what with Pobol y Cwm stil ongoing and a load of storytelling dates also booked it seems as if 09 will be my busiest yet. Anyway I hope you are all well and I promise to update very shortly....

Owen  x