Monday, 17 November 2008

Fillet of a Fenny Snake

Just finished my run at the Grand Theatre with Macbeth for Fluellen theatre. Great cast , Great play and Great times, big thanks to Peter Richards the Director of Fluellen for giving me the chance to play with such a Fab Ensamble, loved it.
We have one more date to go at the De Valence theatre in Tenby on Thursday the 20th of Novemeber so If you fancy seeing this lovely piece of theatre please pop on down and check us out as it will be your last chance.
Always feel kind of strange at these times as everything is sort of in a state of Flux, both Grave Tidings and Macbeth are gone , the Gethin Book needs and injection of enthusiasm and I am in dire need of a good long rest. Next week I have some nice dates with The Libraries in Neath and Port Talbot which should be fun but after that the slate is strangly clean. What shall I do , where shall I go and who shall I meet, many questions but as yet few answers........
Knowing me as I do (quite well I hope) I think there could be some exciting times ahead, keep reading Guys you never know what may come our way............

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